the turkey buzzards

Whether it tickles the legs, heart, or mind, music moves, and the music of the Turkey Buzzards has places to go. The carefully crafted guitar riffs set against a solid bone bass stretch out across an uneven and shifting American landscape that lends folk music the depth and understanding to sink well beneath the skin. Much like the duo themselves, the songs range near and far, from the sticky humidity of the Carolinas to the arid and dusty cellars of the West, telling stories of simplistic beauty that unravel through gritty vocals and thoughtful harmonies. The bald authenticity of each song sweeps up the trusting listener for a ride that might wander but will certainly not end in the same place where it began.

Like all Californians before them, Dylan Nicholson and Eric Patterson converged upon the state from other places, bringing together stories of struggle and resolve to form a narrative more powerful when told side by side. The theme of 'high on spirit, low on dough' runs throughout their work and allows each tale to play out naturally, touching the audience with unhurried appeal. Their sound rolls strong beneath lyrics that resonate with those that came before them and those just starting out, and in keeping with the rambling tradition, they've taken these songs on the road up and down the west coast, through Texas, and back to Nicholson's native North Carolina. Imagery of the road ahead gathers up the audience and carries it along on a journey in which every bump and bruise will be felt and celebrated. There's something of the old western mentality about this convergence of different places in a land where any and everything can grow, and the fact that their music stems from a little tavern overlooking the docks of Morro Bay speaks volumes to a duo defined by their genuine and unapologetic approach.

Amidst a new slew of shows from the Central Coast up to West County, and with a second studio record in the works, we are thrilled to have the Turkey Buzzards kick off the 2016 Folk Music Series at the Honeymoon Café on March 31. The duo embodies our goal of adding more music and storytelling to our dynamic nook beside the Pacific and to embracing the folk tradition of celebrating the pure and unfiltered beauty of our land and our people. Music moves— it's up to us to move with it.