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Music represents the best of what we have to offer. It blends together stories that swoon the heart and shake the knees, that raise the low and embrace the forgotten, and when people convene to celebrate it, it has the power to open up the sky. Music makes life worth living, and it's made to be accessible; folk music is, after all, for the folks. Our music series is another contribution to the tradition of building a better future using the hallowed stones of the past. Magic is everywhere if one knows where to look, and each night we get together we aim to shine a collective light on our community's musical gems in order to make our spectacular coastal nook an even brighter place to call home.



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Upcoming Shows For 2019

FTF Goes Underground!

While we sort out our venue options and look forward to making things awesome for a long time to come, we’re gonna scrounge together some underground shows around SLO County to keep this thing alive: house shows, overnight mini-festivals, hush-hush word of mouth in plain sight, etc. It’ll be great, we just need you along for the ride. Check out our social media for updates, or just email us to find out where you need to be. Sometimes you gotta go through a lean period to come out the other end, and just look how much fun we’re already having! See you so soon it hurts.