shook twins

To stand atop a stage looking out over a throng of people is a lesson in humility. Ears are perked, attention is focused, and the air is heavy with anticipation for the sound that all have come to experience. Much like peering out over the ocean, it would be easy for a musician to suddenly feel quite small. Shook Twins, however, have seemingly never felt small. They assume their perch before a sea of faces, acknowledge their connection with each individual who has gathered to feel their music, and dive into a performance that assures their audience, "We are with you on this one, we've come to experience the same thing."

Whether driving their sound into the ascending walls of Red Rocks Amphitheatre or playing for a crowd they can reach out and touch, Shook Twins present their music, their personalities, their every high and low, and invite those before them to lift it all up to new heights. You'll never catch them not being them. Their music doesn't allow for any woeful soul to sit alone in the corner and simmer in melancholy, and one gets the sense that if they were not playing music, they would still run over, raise the lonely by the armpits, and carry them into the warm embrace of the crowd. As they tour, they issue the same challenge every night; just try not to smile as we stand here and do what we do. The cohesion of the band, their spontaneity and their mischievous eye toward what may simply be called 'fun,' makes accomplices out of their listeners and transforms each show into memories that will be hard-pressed to fade from the minds of those who have had a hand in what came to be. Their performances exude confidence, strength, and beauty that remain long after a venue has been put to bed, and as the band sets off toward their next destination, they leave in their wake the whispers not of an ending but of a glorious beginning.

A mutual friend wrote, "Are you present on your journey, or are you just in it for your destination?" While it's anyone's guess as to where Shook Twins might go, their commitment to their journey is undeniable. Their hands press deep into the earth, their toes flutter amid babbling streams, and their voices call out for friends both old and new to join them on their whimsical adventure forward. When they swoop through the Central Coast on September 16th, this conspiratorial wave of excitement will sweep through the Honeymoon Café as we add our cheering voices to their story's arc. As for any such grand occasion, we simply cannot wait.