huddy bali

Despite our attempts to shape the world around us, it is much more reasonable to consider how the land we inhabit shapes us. We are all, of course, just passing through, and whether it's the swirling ocean or the tall trees or the presiding hills, there is power and inspiration at every turn for those savvy enough to recognize it. When Huddy Bali descends from Big Sur to share their music with us, it seems as if they carry their surroundings with them. Each song twists and turns and rises and falls in and out of the clouds, and the musicians cajole the music from their bones as if it were a precious something from the earth. They present to their audience nothing that ever came wrapped in a clean and tidy box, rather their authenticity is as apparent as the smiles on the faces of those who get to hear them.

The care that Huddy Bali allots to each song they play speaks volumes to their approach to music. Before they address an audience, they've considered their arrangement, their presentation, their peaks and valleys, and the fun that accompanies the performance should not veil the work they've dedicated to their trade. People work hardest on the things they love, and as this duo belts each tune into the air it's clear they love what they're doing. To hear them is to want to step out on the dance floor and contribute a little work yourself. While the band is in the midst of recording an album, the opportunity to join them in person for a night of joy is why we flock to concerts in the first place. As an audience, we get to meet these people, feel where they're from, and share in that which has shaped them and their work. If only for an hour or two, we get to act like they’re a part of us, and when they pack up and head off toward the horizon, they take a little of us and our land with them as well.

John Muir, California's sage and ubiquitous spirit, famously said, "The mountains are calling, and I must go." Old John loved the land around him and worked hard for it. Huddy Bali does the same with music. They embrace it, sculpt it, learn from it, and when they walk onto a stage they bring their audience with them. Their purity is not hard to understand; they love what they do, and therefore they do it well. That love easily spreads out to the other side of their microphones, and though we are always excited for the next For the Folks show, we are especially eager to welcome back our slightly northern neighbors and rejoin them on their grand journey to a place we all can't wait to go.